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LID-Monitor Self assessment postage pack (6 monitors)

LID-Monitor Self assessment postage pack (6 monitors)

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People diagnosed with Parkinson's disease should have regular follow-up visits with their physicians. If you are already familiar with LID-Monitor, you can book the monitoring kit directly from us.

Your LID monitor postage package will include the following:

*6 monitors

The monitors are labeled to specify where you should wear them. You can wear them on all recommended positions, i.e., on your head, your upper body, both of your upper arms and both of your thighs, or selectively.

*Instruction booklet

The instruction booklet will guide you step by step how to fit and wear the monitors. The booklet also includes information how to return the monitors at the end of the test.

*Patient Form

A simple form to record your medication during the monitoring period. This form needs to be returned with the monitors for analysis.

*A prepaid NZ Post ticket for you to return your LID monitor package

Put the ticket on the box package that includes the 6 monitors and Patient Form. Post via NZ Post asap. We will send you the report within 2 working days upon receipt of the returned package.

Not sure how it works? Just give us a call at 027-8871774 

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